Teething | Chiropractic Treatment | Maximized Living

Teething children can be cranky from the pain and aches of new teeth.  Many babies experience crankiness, drooling, chewing, crying, decreased appetites, difficulty sleeping, diarrhea and many other symptoms.  Teething is a part of life, but you can take steps to make your child feel better. 

The Maximized Living approach will use comprehensive scans of the nervous system to locate areas of diminished nerve supply.  Diminished nerve supply in the body blocks the brains ability to control healing and normal function in your baby.  By blocking this nerve supply crankiness, crying, difficulty sleeping, diarrhea, and many other symptoms are not able to be handled properly by the body.  In addition to restoring normal healing and functioning to your baby we offer advanced workshops to teach you cutting edge nutrition, detoxification and time management to restore health and wellness in your family.  Please contact your local Maximized Living provider if you child is experiencing any unpleasant symptoms of teething.