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Invest in Health or Pay for Disease!

August 06, 2010

By Dr. Ben Lerner and Megan Rall

One of the most POWERFUL aspects of Maximized Living is that it helps you totally transform how you view and understand your health.  Let me give you an example:  

Think about your car.  Imagine if all you were ever told about your car were things like “it does not matter what kind of gas you use”  or “oil changes are a waste of money”  and “don’t pay attention to any of those WARNING lights!”  Are you getting the idea?  You would then end up DESTROYING your car LONG before it was intended.  Some basic Prevention and WELLNESS would have saved you thousands of dollars and maybe even your life, depending where the car DIED!

So how does this relate to you, your life, your health and Maximized Living?  Well, you have a very similar choice. Many of us have been raised in a culture that has said “eat whatever you want” or “exercise is hard” or “just take a pill for that!”  This type of advice has lead to many, many bad and deadly decisions and lifestyles.

Maximized Living and Maximized Living Doctors strive to provide you the absolute best, cutting edge, effective and usable information regarding health, wellness and recovery from disease.  

So let’s look at a real life example: A “typical American family”  has 2 parents that are obese, over half of them are on at least 1 medication, 1 of their 3 children is obese, many have been diagnosed with learning or behavioral “diseases” and many of them are even medicated.  They are eating the typical American diet of bad fats, LOADS of SUGAR and tons of chemicals, colorings, and preservatives.  And this are just the “typical families.”  They have been sold a lie.  They are not INVESTING in health.  They are waiting to PAY FOR DISEASE.

Sometimes people look at “wellness” or even Maximized Living as a COST.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  It is a choice on how you are going to care for your “car” or HEALTH.  As all of you know our “sick care” costs are rising every year and many times by double digit percentages.  You literally cannot afford to go on like this.  So what are the options?  Well in the USA the leading cause of bankruptcy is MEDICAL COSTS.   AND MOST OF THEM WERE INSURED!

The only solution that makes any sense is INVESTING in health.  Maximized Living offices across North America have countless examples of families literally saving tens of thousands of dollars a year and countless pain and suffering by understanding exactly what has been explained here.  They invest a couple of thousand a year in health now and will save tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands later.  And then, there is the added bonus of NOT DYING! 

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