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To fully understand the need for Maximized Living in the lives of people in any nation or nations, look at Africa.  The nation of Zimbabwe, for example, was once the site of the one of the world’s premiere medical systems.  Unfortunately, in the absence of an organized system for healthy living, so many became seriously ill that the established medical community imploded under the weight of the mass of diseased people.


The U.S. is not much different.  With so many chronically ill with heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, depression, childhood illness, infectious disease, etc. the cost is overwhelming and clearly the care is incredibly inadequate.  The system simply doesn’t work.


The Maximized Living model is being implemented in Africa to radically change the health care model they use in that part of the world.  Medicine has clear benefit in the area of acute conditions or chronic disease in its later stages.  However, by putting in an organized system for healthy living you will massively decrease the number of sick people, seriously increase resistance to disease, and thus create a manageable health care industry that exists at a substantially lower cost. 


The ultimate vision for a Maximized Living Hospital is one that does the majority of it’s work keeping people well so that less effort and cost is spent on treating disease.  Tom Deuschle, Founder of Celebration Ministries in Zimbabwe is the leader of this movement in Africa and around the world.  He studied hospital building and administration for 9 years and plans to plant Maximized Living Hospitals across the globe.  He and Maximized Living are working in concert with Dr Jabulani Nyenwa, M.D. and Dr. Andrew Reid, M.D. who both practice in Zimbabwe.  (Dr. Reid is considered one of the world’s foremost experts on HIV research).



The purpose of the Maximized Living Hospital in Zimbabwe and beyond:

  • To make a major impact in the region of Zimbabwe that currently suffers with 1/3rd of the population with AIDS, tens of thousands with other infectious illnesses like Cholera and Malaria, and a high rate of birth defects and other very serious childhood disease
  • Do studies on the impact of a maximized living lifestyle on increasing immunity for preventing AIDS, other infectious disease, and helping to stop the ravages of these diseases once they’ve set in.
  • Reform Healthcare in all of Africa by building Maximized Living Hospitals across the continent.
  • State of art wellness facility focused on:
    • Teaching the 5 Essentials of Maximized Living
    • Lab tests to show the impact of Chiropractic on immunity and disease
    • Toxicity Treatment and Testing for one of the most toxic regions of the world
    • Therapy for dealing with the mass of parasitic infections
    • Pre and Postnatal Training-Birthing Center
    • Acute, emergency medical care
    • Care for infectious and late stage chronic disease
    • Doctors and Chiropractic Intern Training Facility
    • HIV research Labs
    • Full Research on Tropical Diseases
    • Fully functional garden/farm for part of treatment in hospital
    • Prayer Rooms and Pastors on staff


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