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Discover the Hazards of GMO Farming
Today’s food isn’t what it used to be – literally.  Genetically-modified crops now dominate the corn, soy, and canola industries, and scientists are rapidly attempting to have genetically-modified animals including salmon approved for your dinner plate.  Is this your definition of natural?

Mar. 22, 2010 | 7:00PM EST
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March 14, 2011


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Maximized Living Foundation

"To answer the call of the underserved or at risk communities across the globe that require urgent care, be it trauma after Columbine type tragedies, natural disasters or in planting a hospital in Africa."

The goal of the Maximized Living Foundation is to bring Maximized Living, all physical, mental, and scheduling wellness, principles to people with an additional focus on inner cities and lost and impoverished nations.

The Maximized Living leadership has a burden for people who are hurting, rushed, stressed, depressed and are stuck in a deadly battle of misdirected priorities, poor use of time, a damaging lifestyle, toxic emotions, and multiple medications. The Maximized Living Foundation is just like it sounds.  In our rushed, stressed, depressed, and ever-growing sick and tired society, we’ve been helping people restore and manage their lives and their health.

By training leaders so they can train others worldwide and working directly with their people here in the U.S. and abroad, the Maximized Living Foundation is looking to bring not only information, but real transformation.  

Obesity, stress, depression, and suicide escalate on a major scale around the U.S. and the world. These problems, once isolated to only adults, now affect the mass majority of children as well.    Do you know that this generation of children will be the first to live a shorter life expectancy then the generation before it?
Currently, our only reaction to the ever declining physical and mental health of our society has been more and more medications, not better living and more health.  We’re looking to bring safe, sane, real solutions to global anxiety, disease, and a general lack of well-being.  Trained, educated, and empowered, people will live better and therefore get better results.

If we’re going to get mentally and physically healthier, that needs to be a deliberate purpose along with specific goals and plans.  Ignoring the problem, hoping for fortuitous serendipity, or looking to cover it up chemically will not bring resolution. Only through the intentional action will we bring about long term change.

Currently, any funding flowing into the Maximized Living Foundation is going towards building hospitals in Africa.